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Little Knights Preschool Handbook




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Community Education Office

400 6th St. Kenyon, MN 55946



    Kenyon Preschool Location                                        Wanamingo Preschool Location         K-W Middle/High School                                                  K-W Elementary School

   400 6th St. Kenyon, MN 55946                                  225 3rd Ave Wanamingo, MN 55983


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This handbook was designed to give you important information about the Little Knights Preschool. Please read through it and keep it as a reference.  In our program we believe that open communication between parents and teachers is a very important part of your child’s preschool experience. If you ever have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the teacher or the director.

We encourage you to refer to the weekly class notes and monthly newsletters describing our activities to help generate conversation about your child’s day and talk about upcoming themes.  Children will be bringing a folder to and from school each day in their backpacks to transport important projects and papers, and newsletters will be on the classroom website and emailed out to families as well.  Don’t forget visit the School District Website and social media to learn about upcoming events, special resources and activities!


Important Phone Numbers

Kenyon Classroom                                                                  507-789- 6186 x3292

Wanamingo Classroom                                                           507-824-2211 x2245

Sara Nystuen-Nurse       507-824-2211 x2225 (W)/507-789-6186 x7011 (K)

Held Bus Services                                                                    507-789-6151

Amy Belcher (Tuition/Community Education)                       507-789-7015

Early Childhood Screening Appointments                              507-789-7015



  • Meet/Greet, Small Motor Activities
  • Circle Time: calendar with counting/patterns, weather, music/movement
  • Stations: small group skill building, centers and choice time
  • Stories/Songs
  • Bathroom Break/Snack                                                                       
  • Outside/Gym large motor time
  • Goodbyes

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The ABC’s of Preschool


In the case of an accident or illness the teacher or assistants will administer first aid and contact the school office.  The office will contact parents or emergency contact if parents cannot be reached.  In case of an emergency the school cannot handle, the child will be taken to facilities designated for emergency care.  An accident form will be filled out and kept on file in the school.  Medication will only be given upon completion of a signed medication form from the doctor. 



Regular attendance is essential for a successful school experience.  Please make every effort to have your child at school and on time each day.  If your child is ill and unable to attend school, please report their absence to the school by calling your child’s classroomPlease leave the following information: the child’s name, the class time and reason for absence.   If your child receives transportation please inform them of the absence as well.  Please notify the school later if a communicable disease develops. 



Birthdays are special to children!  We will make your child’s birthday a special day by providing a certificate and singing if they would like.  You are welcome to send a special store-bought snack for your child’s birthday, although it is not expected.  Please speak with the teacher at the beginning of the school year if your family does not celebrate birthdays or holidays, we strive to be respectful of all families and their beliefs. Although we do not celebrate specific holidays, we strive to expose children to different celebrations and cultures around our world.  If your child is planning on having a birthday party, we ask that invitations be mailed from home rather than passed out in school unless every child in the class is invited.   


Closings of School

We follow the district’s weather policy.  If schools close due to the weather, there will be no preschool classes.  If the decision is made to send children home early due to poor weather conditions, the remainder of our classes will also be cancelled.  If schools are running one or two hours late in the morning, the morning classes will be cancelled but afternoon classes will still be held.  The School District will use the Infinite Campus Online Portal to notify parents/guardians of school closings, early dismissals or late starts.  It is important that you keep your parent profile up-to-date.  Please call Cyndi at 507-789-7004 if you do not have a username and password for Infinite Campus.  You may also tune in to area radio and television stations for daytime school closings.  If you have provided the preschool with an email address, watch for an email update.  An announcement will also be made on the website and social media. 



Please make sure your child is dressed comfortably for play.  We ask that you include a labeled change of clothes in their backpack should an accident or a messy project occur.  Durable, washable clothes and tennis shoes are most appropriate and safe for participation in all preschool activities.  Making sure that buckles, buttons, belts and snaps can be easily managed by your child will help them gain independence and self-esteem.  Please dress your child appropriately for the weather.  We will be playing outdoors almost every day. Students will be outside when the temperature is at or above 0O F. Students will need labeled boots, snow pants, hats and mittens during the winter months.   Please send a backpack with your child each day to transport the extra clothes, fun projects and communication efforts. 



Conferences are offered twice yearly (fall and spring) and provide an opportunity for parents and teachers to discuss a child’s development, strengths, goals, and any concerns/questions.  Teachers participate in ongoing assessment/progress monitoring techniques.  IEP objectives are developed for all Special Education students. Informal conferences/check-ins can be arranged anytime with the teacher; we will work to communicate with you in a way and time that works best for your family. Additionally, each child must complete Early Childhood Screening within the first 90 days of enrollment, which includes a quick check of development, social/emotional skills, vision, hearing, height/weight, and a health history.



Our program uses Houghton Mifflin Pre-K and Everyday Math to support our curriculum.  It supports our belief is that young children learn best by doing, actively experimenting to find out how things work.  We understand that play is the “work” of young children, it provides the preparation children need to have a successful start to school and being a lifelong learner!


We use an authentic, observational assessment.  It works with the curriculum and is aligned with the Minnesota State standards for early learning (the ECIPS).  It helps us get to know what our students know and can do.  With this information, we individualize children’s learning and offer experiences that help build on their strengths and interests.  The assessment is inclusive of children with disabilities, children who are developing typically, and children who demonstrate skills beyond typical expectations.  



 Your children’s safety is our priority.   Each family will receive a packet to fill out including health/emergency and authorized pick-up forms; it is very important we have that on file for everyone’s safety.  In the case of a fire/fire drill children will be removed from the building to posted fire routes.  In the case of a tornado, children will be taken to the posted “safe zone”.  In the case of a bomb threat, children will be evacuated to the nearest church. We will also practice lock-down and stay-put drills throughout the year.    If you are new to our school district, please contact Cyndi at 507-789-7004 to learn more about our messaging service, Infinite Campus, and all of its options!

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Family Involvement

Parent involvement is an important part of your child’s learning experience in preschool. Evidence has shown that children who have involved parents have more success in school. Parents are welcome and encouraged to visit their child’s classroom.  If you have a special skill/talent that you would like to share with us, (such as an instrument, a special collection, job or hobby) please see your child’s teacher to make arrangements.  Individual classes will also offer specific dates and times for volunteer opportunities, such as “Star of the Week” reading, family events and class parties.  We will also offer other opportunities throughout the year for you to become involved such as: attending the open house and conferences, completing early childhood screening, being a part of the advisory council or completing parent/child activity bags together.  Parents will be asked to fill out a form at the beginning of the year where they will be given many opportunities to be involved. Please note: the director will place regular volunteers and will share required paperwork such as a confidentiality agreement and background check if needed.  Regular volunteers should have an identification badge from the office when volunteering. Early Childhood Family Education also offers many fun opportunities for parents to become involved in your children’s education.  We offer one-time special family events, weekly classes, parent support groups and home visits! Please call 507-789-7016 for more information or ask your child’s teacher for an ECFE brochure at any time.


Fieldtrips/Special Visits

Field trips and special visits are important to our curriculum, as they help children learn about the world around them.   Field trips may include neighborhood walks, visits to local businesses and larger bussed trips.  Signed permission slips are required for all children attending field trips.   Check weekly notes for additional field trip/special event information and let staff know if you have an idea for a visitor or fieldtrip.



Parents, please make sure to fill out return the following forms promptly when requested:

-Immunization Form needs to be completed and up to date before the first day of preschool. 

-Family Information Form lets us get to know your family better.

-Emergency Contact form gives us contact information and pick up information for emergencies.

-Permission slips are required to be filled out and signed before each fieldtrip or special visit.

-Policy form located on the back of the registration sheet (a copy will be available as a reminder)


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The funds for our program are provided through state aid and scholarships, a local levy approved by the school board, grant money and by participant fees.  These revenues do not affect the K-12 general funds. Families who are displaced, living in temporary arrangements, or other emergency situations should notify their preschool teacher. They may be eligible for tuition waiver and other supports.  We offer a sliding fee and many scholarship opportunities.

Tuition is due by the first of each month. Monthly tuition coupons are provided to you for your convenience. Please submit your payment to Kenyon-Wanamingo Community Ed either in the lock box located outside the community education office, or mail the payment to Kenyon-Wanamingo Community Ed at 400 6th Street, Kenyon MN 55946.  Payments can also be made online at   There is a ten-day grace period.  However, a $10 late fee will be charged for any tuition payments received after the 10th of the month.  Your child will not be able to continue attending preschool if your monthly payments are not received or you have not set up a payment plan. Thank you for your cooperation, our program depends on your support!


Goals for the Program

The most important goal in our program is to help children become enthusiastic learners.  This means encouraging children to be active explorers who are not afraid to try out their ideas and to think their own thoughts.  The activities we plan, the way the room is set up, the materials we use and the daily schedule we follow are all designed to accomplish the goals of our curriculum and give your child a successful start in school.

  • In our three year old preschool class the main focus is on socialization and school routines.  We realize the importance of meeting their social needs first, and by using The Pyramid Social/Emotional support, staff is able to do just that before introducing beginning concepts such as colors, shapes, and other pre-academic skills.
  • In our older classes for 4 year olds the focus is on preparing for Kindergarten. The students are introduced to basic concepts such as counting, patterns, numbers, colors and shapes as well as pre-literacy skills such as letters and sounds. The Kindergarten Readiness class lays the foundation to a great start of the Kindergarten experience.


Guidance Policy

Our policy is to provide positive guidance to help children resolve conflicts, and to redirect when appropriate.  It is our goal to build trusting relationships with and among the children and to teach appropriate behavior.  By teaching children effective ways of communicating their needs, children learn independence and responsibility.  Children will be encouraged to “use your words” to resolve conflicts.  In this way, children learn positive and appropriate skills to express emotions.  They also learn valuable social skills such as negotiation and turn-taking.  Any significant behavior issues will be addressed together with parents on an individual basis.

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As most diseases are spread before they are recognized, it is impossible to prevent exposure. Each child is required to have an updated immunization record on file.  Parents are urged to keep their children home if they develop any symptoms suggestive of a contagious disease.   Children should be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to school.  Please keep your child home if he/she has vomited or had diarrhea within the last 24 hours, has open skin sores, or has chicken pox that have not crusted over.  Children may return to school after being treated for 24 hours for lice or pink eye. Please do not send students who have an undiagnosed rash or a profusely runny nose to school.  If a student becomes ill while at school, the parent/guardian will be called.  Please let the school know if your child comes down with any contagious disease that might affect the other children in the program.



Classes are taught by a licensed early childhood teacher who consults closely with a licensed early childhood special education teacher. At least one educational assistant is also assigned to each classroom. In our preschool classes, children with many different needs and abilities attend, interact and learn together.  Children learn tolerance and understanding of differences, resulting in a beneficial learning setting for all!


Pick Up Policy

An adult must drop off and pick up your child at the preschool door.  Arrangements for anyone other than parents picking children up must be made with the preschool staff ahead of time. Please be respectful of our teachers’ prep time before and after class and be prompt in picking up/dropping off your children for preschool.  We understand emergencies come up; please have a back-up plan and keep communication open with staff should something happen. Students who have not been picked up within 10 minutes of class ending will be brought to the office and will be charged $1 per minute to be paid before returning to preschool. If you continue to be late picking up your child, a meeting to discuss a plan to resolve the issue will be scheduled. Not only do teachers and educational assistants often have meetings or other scheduled commitments following class, but this can be very upsetting to the children.  Thank you!



Teachers at Little Knights Preschool will follow the District policy in regard to access of students and students’ educational files and records.  The most important goal of the program is to help students positively transition into Kindergarten; records will be shared within the district in order to help accomplish this goal. All parents and legal guardians will be allowed such access unless the school has on file a court order or a restraining order, dated within a year. State Law mandates teachers to report suspected abuse or neglect of children to the Child Protection Agency of Goodhue County.  It is our goal to provide support and resources to all families in our program.


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Sharing/Toys from Home

We request that children not regularly bring toys from home, as even toys in backpacks can be distracting to them.  We will have plenty of opportunities to share items tied to our themes, letter of the week, color days and their star week.  Watch for this information in the class notes. Please remember that even on special toy days, only non-violent toys will be allowed in school.



Snack time is a favorite time of the school day!   We will be encouraging families to periodically donate snacks to our program.  We ask that you donate enough for a class of 18, and remind you that it needs to be store bought for the safety of all children.  Notes will be sent home throughout the year when snacks are running low.  Please limit the amount of cookies/sugary snacks without nutritional value, instead look for healthy options to nourish our preschoolers. The school environment works to promote and protect students’ health, well-being, and ability to learn by encouraging healthy eating and physical activity. Please inform your teacher of any food allergies or foods your child may not eat for religious or medical reasons.  Milk and water are provided daily with each snack.


Social Services

A variety of support options are available for students/families by calling Goodhue County Social Services at 651-385-6180. 



Little Knights Preschool teachers hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and are licensed by the State of Minnesota to teach young children.  All staff participate in district training, professional development as well as district Professional Learning Communities where we work to improve teaching techniques and student progress.


Toilet Training

Children attending preschool need to be toilet trained.  A child is toilet trained when he/she can make known their need to use the bathroom and perform basic hygiene needs independently.



We are excited to be offering busing to or from preschool (on the regular school bus route) for our 4/5 year old students through HELD’s Bus Services.  The preschool child MUST be accompanied by a sibling or regularly assigned buddy each time they ride the school bus.  Please call (507) 789-6151 with any questions regarding transportation.  Don’t forget to let the preschool staff know if your child will be using the bus.


Proud to be Parent Aware Rated Star

We hope everyone has a great year in preschool!