Activities Staff Directory

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Head Football Coach Jake Wieme [email protected]
Asst. Football Coach Randy Hockinson [email protected]
B-team Football Coach Brent Lurken [email protected]
B-team Football Coach Rich Kincaid [email protected]
Jr. High Football Coach Blair Reynolds [email protected]
Jr. High Football Coach

Head Volleyball Coach Tracy Erlandson [email protected]
Asst. Volleyball Coach Cheryl Dahl [email protected]
C-team Volleyball Coach Amanda Kyllo-Lunde [email protected]
Jr. High Volleyball Coach Carrie Groth [email protected]
Jr. High Volleyball Coach Siri Quam [email protected]
Head Boys Soccer Coach

Head Girls Soccer Coach Alina Bachman [email protected]
Head Cross Country Coach Nathan Warneke [email protected]
Fall Cheerleading Coach Elizabeth Kuhlman [email protected]
Knowledge Bowl Advisor Darin Walling [email protected]
Sr. High Math Team Advisor Rachel Cline [email protected]
Jr. High Math Team Advisor Rachel Cline [email protected]
Fall Sr. High Play Director Shane Eggerstedt [email protected]
Band Director Claire Larson [email protected]
Choir Director

Head Wrestling Coach Nathan Lexvold [email protected]

Asst. Wrestling Coach Josh Jacobson [email protected]
Jr. High Wrestling Coach Chad Lexvold [email protected]
Head Girls Basketball Coach Jake Wieme [email protected]
JV Girls Basketball Coach Tracy Erlandson [email protected]
Winter Cheerleading Coach Brittany Standley [email protected]
Jr. High Girls Basketball Coach

Megan Sabrowsky

Jenny Subra

[email protected]

[email protected]

Dance Coach Jamie Bodenstab
Head Boys Basketball Coach Brent Lurken [email protected]
JV Boys Basketball Coach Brady Anfinson [email protected]
C Boys Basketball Coach Karisa Bilitz [email protected]
Jr. High Boys Basketball Coach  Jay Carroll  [email protected]
Jr. High Boys Basketball Coach

Winter Sr. High Play Director Randy Hockinson [email protected]
Winter Director of Music

FCCLA Advisor Stacy Quam [email protected]
Speech Coach
Rebecca Kunesh [email protected]
Heidi Hanson [email protected]
Robotics Advisor Doug Thompson [email protected]
Clay Target Team Coach Larry Walker [email protected]
Clay Target Team Coach Shane Lunde [email protected]
Spring Jr. High Play Director Laura McAnally [email protected]
Spring Jr. High Play Director Blair Reynolds [email protected]
Head Softball Coach Carrie Groth [email protected]
JV Softball Coach Megan Sabrowsky [email protected]
Jr. High Softball Coach Sandy Sahl [email protected]
Head Baseball Coach Kirby VanDeWalker [email protected]
Jr. High Baseball Coach Shane Eggerstedt [email protected]
Jr. High Baseball Coach
JV Baseball Coach Dylan Craig [email protected]
Head Track and Field Coach Jeff Wibben [email protected]
Asst. Track and Field Coach Rachel Cline [email protected]
Jr. High Track and Field Coach Tracy Erlandson [email protected]
Head Golf Coach Jake Wieme [email protected]
Asst. Golf Coach Brent Lurken [email protected]