Little Knights Preschool Program

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Welcome to Little Knights Preschool

We are a 4 star parent aware preschool were we proudly use best practices that prepare children for school and life. We offer two 3 year old classes and three 4 year old classes. Our 3 year old classes are held two days a week at both the Kenyon site and the Wanamingo site. Our 4 year old classes are three days a week. There are two classes held at the Kenyon site and one class held at the Wanamingo site.

 Parent Aware

Our Staff


  Terra Morgan Burow

Terra Haugen  Morgan Burow

    Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected]

   Classroom Phone:507-789-3292 Kenyon Phone: 507-789-3282

   Office Phone 507-789-7016 Wanamingo Phone: 507-824-2245


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