Overnight Field Trips


Before sending your child on an overnight field trip/school event, the school medication policy should be reviewed.  The trip is a school function, therefore we need to follow district policies regarding medication.  

Staff administers all medications on the field trip (see exceptions below). The medications will be packed with instructions for each student by the school nurse. If you are a parent chaperoning the field trip, no orders are needed and meds may be kept on the parent to give to their child as scheduled.

Any medication you want given to your child needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Inhalers/EpiPens can be carried with a student with current healthcare provider self-carry orders.
  • Medication must be in the original container or prescription bottle.  Please send only the amount of prescription medication needed for the trip.  Child’s name needs to be on a prescription bottle (Prescription label on bottle is NOT sufficient as a current physician order).
  • Authorization forms and medications must be to the office no later than five school days before the trip, so it can be packed appropriately for the trip.  No medications will be accepted the morning of the trip (exceptions only made if the student has an acute illness and were seen in the Emergency Department the night before; orders from the healthcare provider are still required.


If your child has medication kept in the Health Office, a medication authorization is already in place for that medication. The medication in the Health Office will be sent along for the school event.

ANY medication packed in student's luggage will be removed and not permitted on the trip unless prior authorization to carry those meds, inhalers, etc. have been given as stated above. Parents need to pick up remaining medication at school. No remaining medication will be sent home with the students.


If you have any questions, contact the school nurse.  Thank you!

Sarah Christensen, RN, Licensed School Nurse

Kenyon Wanamingo Public Schools

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