Head Lice

Head Lice Procedure

-If a student is found to have live lice at school, the student's parents will be notified. 

-One and/or two weeks following treatment, the student may be asked to stop by the nurse’s office to have their hair rechecked for live lice.

-Mass classroom checks for lice will not be done.
To prevent treatment failure, parents are strongly encouraged to follow all instruction on the lice killing product carefully.  Most over-the-counter treatments call for a second treatment in 7-10 days.  Because these treatments do not kill the nits (only the live lice), it is important to remove all nits from the child’s hair.
Combing the child's hair every night with a nit comb is very important.

Parents should report all cases of head lice to the health office by phone or emailing:
Sarah Christensen, RN  -  [email protected]
Notification of head lice will be made by the Licensed School Nurse at her discretion.
Parents should check their child often, as lice can always be present at any time or anywhere.
If parents have difficulty getting rid of head lice, they should call the health office for directions or follow up with the child's primary care provider.

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