A-Z Directory

ADAMS, KarenElementary School - ECSE789-6186, Ext 2261
ALLERS, CrystalMiddle-High School789-7024
ALLEN, JaniceKnights Kids Middle-High School789-7010
ASHLAND, ValerieElementary School824-2211, Ext. 2254
BAUER, AnnaHigh School789-6186, Ext. 4262
BELCHER, AmyCommunity Education Coordinator789-7015
BENBROOKS, KathleenElementary School824-2211, Ext. 2238
BENGTSON, MandyElementary School824-2211, Ext. 2247
BENZICK, KayKnights Kids Coordinator789-7028
BERQUAM, DawnMiddle-High School789-6186
BOYUM, NicoleMiddle School789-6186, Ext. 3284
BREIMHURST, RobinMiddle-High School789-6186, Ext. 4215
BUCHAL, AmyES-MS-HS Special Ed Coordinator789-6186, Ext. 3276
BUROW, PeggyElementary School824-2211
CARLSON, DavidBusiness Office789-7003
CLAUSON, PaulBuilding & Grounds/Technology Coordinator789-7023
CLAWITER, ReneeElementary School824-2211
CLINE, RachelMiddle School789-6186, Ext. 3287
DAHL, CherylMiddle School789-6186, Ext. 3285
DAVISON, NancyMiddle-High School789-6186
DERSCHEID, MarlissMiddle School789-7005
DEWITZ, AshleyElementary School824-2211, Ext. 2236
DONKERS, TonyElementary School824-2211, Ext. 2246
DURON, AndreaElementary School824-2211, Ext. 2245
EGGERSTEDT, ShaneMiddle-High School789-6186, Ext. 4255
ERICKSON, VickiMiddle-High School789-6186
ERLANDSON, TracyElementary School824-2211, Ext. 2230
FJELSTAD, KajHigh School789-6186, Ext. 3272
FLOM, NicoleElementary School824-2211
FLOM, TraceyElementary School824-2211
GRESETH, LaurieEarly Childhood824-2211, Ext. 2245

GROTH, CarrieSchool Social Worker- ES-MS-HSWanamingo: 824-2211, Ext.2241
Kenyon: 789-7017
GROVE, SallyElementary School824-2211
GUZEK, KaitlynElementary School824-2211, Ext. 2223
HALE, IanHigh School
HANSON, HeidiMiddle School789-6186, Ext. 3252
HAZEN, SusanElementary School/Knights KidsKenyon: 789-7018
HELLAND, Mary JoKnights Kids - Elementary School789-7018
HILDEBRANDT, ReneeElementary School824-2211, Ext. 2248
HILL, JimMiddle-High School789-6186
HINRICHS, DebraElementary School824-2211, Ext. 2250
HOCKINSON, RandyHigh School
Activities Director
HUTTON, RobinMiddle-High School789-6186, Ext. 4253
IVERSEN, SamanthaMiddle-High School789-6186, Ext. 4253
JACKMAN, DemianElementary School824-2011, Ext. 2252
JACOBSON, TheresaMiddle-High School789-6186
JENSEN, RobertElementary School824-2211
JOHNSON, BernisKnights Kids – Elementary SchoolKenyon: 789-7018
JOHNSON, ShannonHigh School789-7007
KELLY, KatieMS Counselor / District Test Coordinator789-7014
KINCAID, RichardHigh School789-6186, Ext. 4241
KRAFT, AnnetteMiddle-High School789-6186
KUBALL, JeffMiddle School789-6186, Ext. 3246
KUNDE, DaveMiddle-High School789-6186
KUNESH, RebeccaHigh School789-6186, Ext. 4258
KYLLO-LUNDE, AmandaMiddle-High School789-6186, Ext. 3282
LACANNE, BrydieMiddle-High School789-6186
LARSON, CharlesMiddle-High School789-6186, Ext. 4237
LARSON, ClaireMiddle-High School789-6186, Ext. 4228
LEE, AndreaGCED824-2211, Ext. 2242
LETOURNEAU, JenaElementary School824-2211, Ext. 2240
LERFALD, MargaretMiddle-High School789-7021
LURKEN, BrentHigh School789-6186 Ext. 4230
LURKEN, DeannaElementary School824-2211
MASBERG, ConradMiddle-High School789-6186 Ext. 3288
MCANALLY, LauraMiddle-High School/Elementary SchoolExt. 7012
MILLER, WilliamMiddle-High School789-6186, Ext. 4206
NELSON, Lisa K.Middle-High School789-6186, Ext. 4274
NORDRUM-VIKER, SashaElementary School824-2211
NURNBERG, JasonPolice Liaison789-7026
NYSTUEN, SaraSchool NurseES 824-2211, Ext. 2225
MS-HS 789-7011
OHM, SarahMiddle School789-6186, Ext. 3260
OLSON, DavidSchool Psychologist789-7019
PESTA, JeffSuperintendent824-2211, Ext. 7000
QUAM, StacyHigh School789-6186, Ext. 4254
RECHTZIGEL, DanHigh School789-6186, Ext. 4249
RENKEN, JonMiddle-School789-6186, Ext. 4257
REYNOLDS, BlairMiddle-School789-6186, Ext. 3241
ROLSTAD, RoxanneElementary School824-2211, Ext. 2226
ROHWER, AshleyMiddle-High School789-6186, Ext. 3279
ROOSEN, LisaMiddle-High School789-6186
RYAN, Matt7-12 Principal789-7006
RYAN, WhitneyHigh School Counselor789-7009
SABROWSKY, MeganElementary School824-2211, Ext. 2257
SAHL, SandraElementary School824-2211, Ext. 2239
SCHAEFER, HollyElementary School824-2211
SCHAFFER, TriciaHigh School824-2211
SCHUERMAN, KatyK-6 Principal824-2211, Ext. 2258
SCHMITT, MarieElementary School824-2211
SCHUMACHER, StephanieMiddle-High School789-6186, Ext. 4227
SHORT, TanyaElementary School824-2211, Ext. 2235
STARK, CatherineElementary School824-2211, Ext. 2249
STARKSON, AmandaElementary School824-2111
STRAND, Jan L.Elementary School824-2211, Ext. 2256
STURGIS, CyndiElementary School789-7004
SWANSON, KristaElementary School824-2211, Ext. 2237
THESING, RhondaElementary School824-2211, Ext. 2243
THOMPSON, DouglasMiddle-High School789-6186, Ext. 4235
THORESON, LindaDistrict Office789-7001
TROSIN, TiffanyMiddle-High School789-6186
VALEK, KatieEarly Childhood Director/Preschool Teacher
Elementary School Site
Middle-School School EC Office / Preschool Room
824-2211, Ext. 2253
789-6186, Ext. 3292
VANDEWALKER, KirbyMiddle School789-6186, Ext. 3225
VAN EPPS, ScottHigh School789-6186, Ext. 4256
VUKELICH, RebeccaEarly Childhood789-6186, Ext. 3292
WALLING, DarinHigh School789-6186
Ext. 4243 Office
Ext. 4244 Classroom
WAY, MardellElementary School824-2211
WIBBEN, JeffreyMiddle School789-6186
Ext. 3240 Office
Ext. 3242 Classroom
WIEME, JacobElementary School824-2211, Ext. 2233
ZEISSLER, HeatherES - ELL Teacher
MS - ELL Teacher
HS - ELL Teacher
824-2211, Ext.2255
789-6186, Ext. 3404

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