K-W Education Foundation

What is the Kenyon-Wanamingo Education Foundation?

The Kenyon-Wanamingo Education Foundation is a private, non-profit organization started in 1998 whose main purpose is to help fund educational projects within K-W School District #2172. By using funds secured from donations and gifts, our teachers, students, and even members of the community are able to make requests for educational material that cannot be included in the normal school district budget.

Why is a foundation important to a public school district?

In order to control the amount of taxes that local residents pay, school boards have been forced to tighten their budgets. Because of that, not all educational material that administrators, teachers and members of the public feel are necessary can be funded. With a fully operational educational foundation supported through donations and gifts, those items not covered under the school district budget can be purchased. Foundations also help to limit the numerous small fundraisers that students participate in.

How is a foundation funded?

Funding for Foundation projects is made possible through the generous giving of community members. All contributions given to the Foundation are applied directly toward program activities. Contributions can be made to the Kenyon-Wanamingo Education Foundation in the following ways:

-Annual giving
-Deferred giving programs

A gift to the foundation is more than a gift for education. It is a commitment to the Kenyon and Wanamingo communities and a statement which affirms that a strong educational system is the heart and soul of a thriving community.

Who controls the foundation?

A board of directors of between 16 and 24 people control the foundation, including two board members, at least two teachers, two students, and community members. The board of directors elect a set of officers every year. Each month the board of directors meets to plan future activities and review requests for funds from teachers.

CLICK HERE to access the Education Foundation Request Form

There are many ways in which you can help our K-W Schools!


Fred's Grocery donates a percentage of all purchases to the K-W Education Foundation. Shop at Fred's, keep your receipts, and turn them in to the school office or either bank in Kenyon or Wanamingo. It's that simple. Thanks to Fred's for your outstanding support!


Have you considered making a donation to the Education Foundation in memory of someone who had an impact on your life? Money given to the Education Foundation is all designated for the classrooms to enrich the learning opportunities of our students.


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