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We understand that you may not have the time or desire to make a long term commitment to every cause, but perhaps you are willing to spend a few hours, days, or even weeks on a specific project that intrigues you. From time to time we post these opportunities on our Facebook page in order to give you a chance to connect with other parents and community members. Some of these opportunities could include selling treats at a Rose Fest fundraiser, selling water at the Wanamingo 4th of July celebration, helping with the elementary school carnival, or even planning and executing a fundraiser of your own. Visit our Facebook page often for one-time projects that you could help with.

Fundraising Projects

Give to the Max Day

Every year, Minnesotan’s give around 4% of their discretionary income to charity.  Give to the Max day 2017 is November 16.  Before year end, consider making a difference to the youth of the Kenyon/Wanamingo school district by joining other Minnesotan’s for this year’s group charitable event.  For more information on Give to the Max Day 2017 see this website.

Charitable Donations should be for the benefit of:
Like most services, Givemn.org charges a fee for processing donations.  Consider making a donation directly to the Kenyon Wanamingo Education Foundation or if you prefer to donate online, consider increasing your donation to cover the cost of that fee.
Thank you for your support.

Amazon Smile

Many of us order online. Amazon Smile offers you a way to benefit our community at no cost to you every time you place an order through Amazon. Of course, buying local whenever you have the opportunity is always a good policy, but when you can’t, try this painless way to support local education.  If you would like to do more with the Amazon Smile project, consider finding an effective way to get the word out about this very simple way of fundraising for our foundation.
Kenyon Wanamingo Isd No 2172 Educational Foundation

School Carnival

This is a wonderful part of Kenyon-Wanamingo students’ school experience. Help keep it going. We are looking for parents or High School Students to help organize and run the Elementary School Carnival. Preparation starts early in the school year.

Corporate Sponsorship

Does your company offer corporate sponsorship, partnership, or grant opportunities? Consider developing a program to team with KWEF.

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